clinical trials

The system should become sufficiently secure, sophisticated, flexible, and robust, that it could theoretically handle a major student election, such as one for the general students' association. (The odds of actually hosting such an election are quite small, due to fear and uncertainty surrounding online voting, but it is nonetheless a good benchmark to shoot for.)

By the time the 2010 general elections for the students' association arrive, CURED should be ready to setup an unofficial parallel election, with all the same candidates and positions (complete with campaign information and pictures taken from their elections website). People could then be encouraged to go online and cast a ballot using CURED after they've cast a ballot in the real election. Not only could this prove (or disprove) that online voting through CURED is a viable option, but it could also show what proportion of students would be willing to cast a ballot online.


At some point, seek the assistance of other campus groups; the IEEE Computer Society, and the Computer Science Society could be approached and asked to try to break or hack the system. This will help identify as many bugs and loopholes as possible.

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